Review AI Summit Vienna 2017

anyline was happy being at the AI Summit at the WU Vienna organized by . We had a chance to present our convolutional neural network based on Google Tensor Flow implemented Computer Vision Software Development Kit and its applications like blood sugar measurement device reading, meter reading, license plate reading, passport reading and loyalty code reading … mobileOCR at its best.

The products are capable to unleash vertical integrated mobile solutions for Health, Utilities, Police, Border Control, Banks, Insurance, digital agencies, consumer packaged goods, …

The line-up of the AI Summit event was really impressive and similar to what I saw a couple of days later in Tel Aviv at the DLD. From Google Dave Elliot joined.

From Facebook Tomas Nikolov presented interesting things about word2vec.

Of course a local AI mastermind Sepp Hochreiter from JKU in Linz spoke to the crowd.

Zalando sent his Chief Data Scientist Calvin Seward.

From Finland Ulla Krudes Lehtonen.

I left early and headed to DLD in Tel Aviv, I am happy that released now the videos of this event.

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