Business Agility from start-ups for adults only

Last week I had the opportunity to introduce to some interested people. I shared a look behind the scenes. The people visited Vienna as part of an innovation journey organized by


We from are focusing on mobile OCR and scanning real world things like 7-digit displays of blood sugar devices, passports, driving licenses, license plates, electricity-gas-water-heat meters, stamped serial numbers … any kind of numbers and text with the computational power of a any mobile, off-line in any circumstances. This is WHAT we are doing.

The WHY is simple – ANYLINE will give mobile eyes to the world, like SIRI gave ears.

The HOW is a bit more complex. From technical stand-point we are very close to the leading edge of artificial intelligence. Our technology is based on computer vision and google tensor flow and of course patented.

How are we are managing this? We are applying our style into everything what we do for our users, their businesses based on our own technological platform – open for everyone whatever they are using Apple, Android, Microsoft, SAP Fiori, IBM, Oracle, Google Glass, …

Apply User Empathy – but keep the focus

First and fore most we need a clear vision where our focus in mobile OCR is. We have a technology which has such a breadth and depth of possible applications, that we need to a well defined focus what our clients and user really need and want. I had my experience with people from in San Francisco to really understand user empathy, but our people had this already in their DNA from the beginning of their career, which directly leads to agility in all what they are doing.

Business Agility – Change driven by Customer-Oriented Product and Services 

In the beginning we had a focus on our product. solving all the challenges of real world computer vision, big amount of data necessary, training the neural networks and finally choosing the right application in health and utilities industry. There was a specific client need we were able to solve with this technology. Either the on-boarding to patient platform or mitigation of risk during a smart meter roll-out. However agility comes always with a certain degree of discipline when you are exploring other industries like financial services institution, government, police or automotive.

Operational Excellence – Quarterly Objectives & Key Results

If you talk about discipline you need common agreed objectives and key results. The best way we found to do it, was to apply the methodology of OKR.

Sprints – With discipline applied to all Initiatives

Once you appoint management tasks to computer scientists. They will apply computer science paradigms and their ways of working in everything what they are doing. As long they are sticking to it with a certain degree if discipline, you are on the save side. It’s a no brainer for them to think, plan and work in sprints, conducts scrum meetings, ensure what a product owners does and manage it like a scrum master.

Feedback – Open and honest feedback

Best is to quote King Lear – Nothing can come of nothing: speak again!

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