enlite.ai – The Austrian AI Landscape

I have to congratulate the guys from enlite.ai for the good work they did in their last article about the Austrian AI landscape.

Based on more than 100 expert interviews, desk research and industry events, they created the first Austrian AI Landscape, covering startups, corporates and accelerators as well as research- and educational institutions.


I am happy that they see anyline.com as player in the field of AI – and of course we are. With the early adoption of google tensor flow and its application in our field of mobile OCR. By doing so we were able reduce significantly improve the time2market of new products and reducing the need of real-world training data.

Recently I had my first contacts with AIT and their work – I am really impressed, what they are doing in combining AI, Data Science with the blockchain.

Of course they had to mention Sepp Hochreiter from JKU who¬†published his seminal work on long short-term memory, which forms the basis for automated translation systems we use every day. With his support in September we had a tremendous ‘Mega.AI.Meetup‘ at WU Wien with participation from facebook and google.

There is AI in Austria, however we have to talk more about it and the achievements.

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