2018 Anyline World Tour: Barcelona Mobile World Congress 2018

Barcelona. Having an early – I mean a real early morning – flight, I will arrive 8ish. On my agenda various meetings with Samsung, IBM, ABBYY, microblink and many others until Tuesday evening.

Beside the augmented and virtual reality events Barcelona MWC is the place to be for a mobile OCR company like anyline.com

This year we have had already industry focused events for utilities and police in Essen, Berlin and Frankfurt. After this week in Barcelona we are starting the preparation of events for SAP in Austria and Florida. Continued by an MRO event to promote our serial number scanner with season final and highlight at Oracle in California.

Our products for meter reading, passport and license plate scanning are now underpinned by an universal serial number scanner.

A derivate if our serial number scanner – the vehicle identification number scanner – was presented to the world at the ai inside summit in Vienna.

Recently we delivered our first european driving license scanner (w/o MRZ) to Ministry of Interior for all police officers in Austria. The promising POC with an German Automotive OEM will demonstrate our business value in the core of the automotive value chain. Automotive industry will even more globalise our footprint in the mobile world.

With our machine readable zone product we are with United Nations, Australia, Global Blue (tax refund) and soon in Indonesia.

We convinced e.On, Vattenfal, Siemens, Tieto. With these partners we are #1 in Utilities with our mobile OCR meter reading product. We are Minimising risk in the Smart Meter Rollout, reducing churn and first and foremost simplifying the metering.

The high volume scanning use case digital interactive marketing with The Sun, Red Bull, Karlsberg and Landskron is a case for the business value we are generating in loyalty programmes.

So I have enough story telling raw material for my partners in Barcelona šŸ™‚

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