Emerging Technologies

Same procedure as last year or same procedure as every year. In August we are waiting for the latest and greatest in the area of technology – defined by Gartner’s Hype Cycle 2017 for Emerging Technologies.


This year Gartner sees three trends:

Artificial Intelligence Everywhere – Deep Learning, Deep Re-Inforcement Learning, Artificial General Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Cognitive Computing,  Drones, Conversational User Interfaces, Enterprise Taxonomy, Ontology Management, Machine Learning, Smart Dust, Smart Robot, Smart Workspaces

Transparency Immersive Experiences4D Printing, Augmented Reality, Brain Computer Interface, Connected Home, Human Augmentation, Nanotube Electronics, Virtual Reality, Volumetric Displays

Digital Platforms5G, Digital Twins, Edge Computing, Blockchain, IoT Platform, Neuromorphic Hardware, Quantum Computing, Serverless PaaS, Software-Defined Security.

Hope our value of linking the specific emerging technologies with a more explaining website is appreciated.

But how to adopt emerging technologies?

All those technologies are there – probably not really mature, but they are there to be adopted. Some of them are already commodity like SIRI or ALEXA for consumers at home or on mobile, however still not adopted for each and every industry or product.

Emerging technologies are not necessarily great innovations. They have to evolve into real-life product and services, which are perceived viable, feasible and desirable.

We learned directly from Harvard Business School and Stanford d.school about innovative companies (like ideo, google or pixar). When an organization is at the cutting edge, they may not even know how to get a step further, but what they do know is how to get the most from their people.

  1. Creative Abrasion – Take these technology trends and ensure they are discussed with your best people, who understand what your customer need and desire (even they do not know).
  2. Creative Agility – Build permanently prototypes, test those prototypes, throw them away, but never forget about them.
  3. Creative Re-Solutioning – don’t compromise because it’s the easiest path, and don’t let one group dominate.

For further reading I recommend Linda A. Hill on the Creative Power of the Many or her book Collective Genius.

And of course Gartner’s article about their Hype Cycle 2017.