Innovation Adoption


Fra Mauro was a medieval cartographer, the intended landing site of the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission and finally Apollo 14 landed at Fra Mauro. Fra Mauro is the adopted name of Gregor XVI strongly conservative and a traditionalist.


All these attitudes and ingredients – represented by the term Fra Mauro – are needed for a successful innovation diffusion.


We provide advisory services in adopting new technologies and transferring emerging technologies into real-life innovation.

We scout the right technologies and develop the innovation roadmap  for you and your business applying methodologies like open innovation, design thinking, lead-user innovation.


A vital eco-system makes innovations real. Being cutting-edge does not necessarily mean you always know the next step, but you need to know how to get the most from people.

We establish start-ups for our clients – within or outside of their organization. We invest with our experience, time and money.

A vital eco-system comprises of Venture Capital, Business Angels, Start-Ups, Innovation Experts, Consulting Experts, Artificial Intelligence Experts, Blockchain Experts, Digital Agencies and academic institutions.


With our long-lasting experience in managing large-and small-case organizations, strategy & change, top-line growth, cost-take out, program and project management we deliver and transform agile businesses with the right operational excellence.

Ambidexterity is key to our approach in running a successful business by having the right explorative and exploitative governance in place and balance.