Participation as Speaker, Inspirator, Moderator, Member, Commentator … or  as Curious George

2019-06-07, ISS World Group, Digital Re-Invention

2019-06-05, Airbus Toulouse, Anyline Presentation

2019-05-22, IBM Think Berlin, Interview

2019-05-21, msg group Germany, Anyline Presentation

2019-04-29, Intel, Israel, Anyline Presentation

2019-04-02, SAP Oil & Gas, Milano, Speaker

2019-03-21, IBM WatsonIOT Centre, Munich, Anyline Presentation

2019-03-20, AI Inside Summit, Vienna, Anyline Presentation

2019-03-09, Startup moonshot #3, Munich, Advisor

2019-02-19, European Police Congress, Berlin, Anyline Booth

2019-02-17, IBM Think 2019, San Francisco, Anyline Presentation

2019-02-05, E-world energy & water, Essen, Anyline Booth

— 2018 —

2018-11-19, StartUp Moonshot, Vienna, Advisor

2018-10-6, IACP Conference 2018, Orlando, Digital Transformation in Law Enforcement

2018.-10-4, Digital.City Vienna, Panel Discussion, Digitization in Small and Medium Business

2018-09-19, Energiekongress, Artificial Intelligence in Utilities, Speaker

2018-07-19, Global AI Summit, Rome, Keynote Speaker

2018.07-10, Policing in Poland, Digital Transformation in Law Enforcement

2018-06-28,, Speaker #AI – How to Monetise?

2018-06-26, Police Security Expo, Atlantic City, Digital Transformation in Law Enforcement

2018-02-27, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Mobile OCR Anywhere World Tour

2018-02-22, Vienna, AI INSIDE Summit, Opportunity & Risk for Austria, Advisor

2018-02-21, General Police Equipment Conference, Mobile Scanning in Police Work

2018-02-06, European Police Conference, Speaker mobile working & apps

2018-01-25, A1 Digital, Mobile Parking and mobile OCR

2018-01-24, Hyve, Digitisation and Hidden Champion

2018-01-19, Cyber Innovation Hub Bundeswehr, mobile OCR and Police

2018-01-17, B&C Innovation Investments, Corporates and Start-Ups

2018-01-15,, Started as Chief Operating Officer

— 2017 —

2017-12-07, ÖBB, mobile OCR and Direct Interactive Marketing

2017-12-06, MA67, mobile OCR in Parking Space Management

2017-11-29,  Vienna Startup Moonshot, Launch of an Start-Up within 72 hours

2017-11-23, Linz AG, Meter Reading in Utilities Industry

2017-11-17, AIT, Mobile Applications for Border Control and Police

2017-11-15, KonicaMinolta, Customer Loyalty and mobile OCR

2017-11-13, Gartner, Mobile OCR Use Cases

2017-11-10, msg innovation lab, mobile computer vision in industrie 4.0 for automotive

2017-11-09 Henkel Vienna, mobile computer vision and consumer goods

2017-11-08, Innovation Journey Wien, Business Agility at Start-Ups

2017-11-02, SAP Eco-System, Mobile Computer Vision and SAP Fiori

2017-11-02, Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centre, mobile OCR

2017-10-24, SCC Digital Maintenance, mobile OCR use case in MRO

2017-10-17, mindshareworld, Anyline agile online marketing

2017-10-16 Open Innovation ÖBB, Moonshot and Anyline

2017-10-15, Vienna, LSZ CIO Conference, Mastering the IT Future, Blockchain

2017-10-02, Token Regulation Summit Vienna, ICO Advisor

2017-09-27, Vienna, Computervision Vienna Meetup, Artificial Intelligence Latest & Greatest

2017-09-25, Vienna, prosiebensat1puls4, Event marketing and mobile OCR

2017-09-14, Vienna, SAP Cloud Platform – Fiori and Anyline, First SAP Use Case

2017-09-11, Vienna, Hyperledger Vienna Meetup, Vertical Integration of Emerging Technologies, Blockchain and Anyline SDK

2017-09-06, Tel Aviv, DLD Innovation Festival 2017, innovation4x Delegation Visit

2017-09-05, Tel Aviv,, Australia Unlimited, Mobile OCR in Fintec

2017-09-04, Vienna, AI Summit, WU Deep Learning Solution

2017-09-01, London,, Advisor

2017-08-31, Vienna, AI in Healthcare,, Advisor

2017-08-23, Vienna, Austrian Railways, Computer Vision in Railways Industry

2017-08-22, Vienna, Landis & Gyr, Meter Reading Uses Cases in Utilities Sector

2017-08-21, Vienna, University of Vienna, Computer Vision Use-Case

2017-08-18, Wattens, Werkstätte Wattens AI Event, Discussion with Hermann Hauser and Robert Trappl

2017-08-17, Vienna, ITSV, Computer Vision Use Cases for Social Insurances

2017-08-17, Amsterdam, Heineken, Use Cases for Consumer Industry

2017-08-16, Vienna, Gartner Technology Hype 2017, Point of View

2017-08-13, London, Sun Savers / TV Ad of Sun based on Technology Stack

2017-08-10, Innsbruck TIWAG / Tinetz, /Meter Reading Uses Cases

2017-07-17, Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe, Meter Reading Uses Cases

2017-07-17, Vienna,  Ministry of Interior, Technology for MoI Press Release

2017-07-10, Frankfurt, Konica Minolta, Business Innovation Centre, Innovation Radar

2017-02-30, Vienna, Vienna Insurance Group, uses cases in Insurance Industry

2017-07-01, Vienna, Start with business development and CEO advisor

2017-06-28, Vienna, and, Artificial Intelligence Technologies

2017-06-26, Vienna, Hauptverband der Sozialversicherungen, use cases in Social Industry

2017-06-20, Kufstein, Energie West, Meter Reading Use Cases

2017-06-13, Vienna, Procter & Gamble, Cognitive Solutions and Business Model Innovations

2017-06-08, Graz, Fifteen Seconds, Graz, Innovation with Flixbus, McKinsey, Oracle, General Electric

2017-06-08, Vienna, Postal Services Austria, Computer Vision Use Cases in the Postal Services Industry

2017-06-07, Wien, Siemens, / Computer Vision – Meter Reading Use Cases

2017-06-07, Vienna, Hyve Innovation , Digital Re-Invention and Innovation

2017-06-30, Vienna,, Computer Vision Use Cases and Cloud Computing Advise

2017-05-15, Munich, Hyve Innovation , Digital Re-Invention

2017-03-17, Innsbruck, Skinovation 2017, Start-Up Conference, Cognitive Computing Platform Eco-System

2017-03-07, Vienna, A1 Telekom, Cognitve Business Innovation

2017-03-01, Vienna, Panel Discussion about Digital Change

2017-02-02, Wattens, Augmented Intelligence, Speaker

— 2016 —

2016-12-16, Geneva, Richemont, Digital Re-Invention in the Luxury Industry

2016-09-21, Vienna, IBM Executive Treff, Panel Discussion with Dietmar Dahmen

2016-07-20, Atlanta, IBM Consumer Industries Conference, Representing Germany, Austria, Switzerland

2016-05-01, Linz, Tabakfabrik, Panel Discussion Industrie 4.0

2016-03-01 Vienna, One  Day Design Thinking with young people 

2015-05-21 Vienna, IDC Data Hub Conference, Speaker Artifical Intelligences

2014-09-24 Stavangar, OMV Innovation Workshop

2014-06-24 Vienna, IBM Think Friday, Design Thinking

2014-05-23 San Francisco,, ideo, Stanford, Design Thinking Course

2014-05-18 San Francisco, Innovation & Change, Harvard Senior Executive Education